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The California Advanced Biofuels Alliance website uses Google as a third-party vendor. The website includes a Google global site tag for the purposes of online advertising. The global site tag is needed to run Google remarketing advertising campaigns, which employs cookies.

The cookies from Google are small, encrypted data strings that are stored on your device when you visit the California Advanced Biofuels Alliance website.

The cookies use your past visit(s) to the website to tailor future advertising to you as you browse other websites and apps where Google serves ads.

Cookies do not store personally identifiable information, and they cannot access or otherwise compromise the data on your device. We do not share the cookie information directly with any third-party, with the exception of those required to manage online advertising campaigns that employ remarketing.

Information about opting out of Google's use of cookies on the California Advanced Biofuels Alliance website can be found at these links:

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